TAKE A LOOK! These are some of the major ways your firefighters actively serve our community.




Your firefighters are trained for a variety of scenarios. We fight everything from structure fires to forest fires using brush trucks, tankers, engines, and ladder trucks. But fighting fire is more than just spraying water. Firefighters will go onto the roof of a burning building and cut holes to ventilate allowing the superheated gases to escape.This helps your fire fighters to search for victims who may be trapped inside in order to save their life. Fire scenes can be very complex and taxing, especially when time is of the essence. 


In fact, having adequate manpower and fast response times are critical to reducing property insurance rates, saving home and business owners a lot of money. Arriving to a scene quickly with the appropriate amount of manpower and resources allows us to stop the destruction of property, whether it be the merchandise of your business or your irreplacable heirlooms and cherished memories.


Investing in your firefighters provides real world returns.


This specialty team is able to detect and mitigate exposure to dangerous goods including chemicals and radioactive waste. These firefighters are the ones that respond to suspicious packages, chemical threats and even clean up meth labs allowing law enforcement officers to investigate the scene safely. These technicians spend countless hours training and educating themselves on various ways to handle a multitude of possible scenarios.


Marion County has major railways and thoroughfares including Interstate 75 and U.S. 441 that are routes for commerce and industry. At any one moment there could be dangerous and often deadly goods traveling throughout our community. These firefighters dedicate themselves to staying ahead of an ever-evolving world of hazards and threats in order to keep us safe.


An advocacy group for the professional firefighters, paramedics, and EMT’s, as well as the citizens of Marion County. We serve the citizens both on and off the clock by advocating for their safety.


It is also our pleasure to be part of this community by volunteering for various charitable causes. We hold fundraisers throughout the year through our Benevolence Fund partnering with local charities that, for example, aid in early detection of cancer. For more information please visit mcfbf.org.

Nearly all of your firefighters are medically trained as both EMT’s and Paramedics. In fact, your fire department can basically bring an emergency room to you anywhere in the county, from the countryside to the bedside, providing life saving measures.


We can handle almost every imaginable emergency with our equipment and the 40 drugs we carry including diabetic emergencies, respiratory problems, seizures, heart attacks, and strokes. We can also handle major trauma as a result from gunshot wounds to car accidents. Our experienced paramedics are even able to reset your heart with drugs or electricity, they can chemically paralyze someone in order to breath for them, and every so often, if their skills are honed and the response times are quick, bring the dead back to life.


Having your firefighters medically trained creates a more versatile first responder and allows the citizens quicker access to advanced medical care and life support. Even fire engines carry medical equipment because sometimes an ambulance is not always available or additional manpower is needed for the very sick.


But EMS is not always so intense. Sometimes it is as simple as picking up an elderly person off the floor who has fallen. Some of our neighbors have no other options and need help with what many of us do not ever think about. 


This specialty team is trained in a variety of advanced disciplines include trench rescue, structural collapse, urban search and rescue, rope rescue, and heavy extrication involving semi-trucks.


Recently, this team was deployed to the tornado ravaged areas of south west Marion County searching for victims and assessing structural damage to homes. 


All fire engines carry specialty equipment to cut entrapped people out of vehicles. This takes a lot practice and training to ensure that vehicles are stabilized correctly and firefighters are able to efficiently and safely remove a person from a crashed car.


While this is happening, firefighters trained in emergency medicine can begin providing immediate medical treatment to the accident victim while preparing to take them to the appropriate hospital.